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The Lines Fall Where They May: Ghada Amer & Reza Farkhondeh, Genevieve Chua, Amanda Heng, Lin Tianmiao, Prabhavathi Meppayil, Suzann Victor, Haegue Yang

How might our perception of the world change when we start to notice the more-than-human?

The Lines Fall Where They May is an exhibition on mark-making and the delicate, faint signs of nonhuman life and environments. It centres on two recent bodies of print works created at STPI’s workshop – the Edibles series of sap-drenched pressings by Berlin- and Seoul- based artist Haegue Yang, a continuation of her previous engagement at STPI with perishable plant-based foods; and copper- and ink-embossed paper works by Indian artist Prabhavathi Meppayil, who completed six sets of geometries (each comprising eight individual prints), three sets of which are exhibited. The Lines Fall Where They May also features the works of six other artists: Ghada Amer & Reza Farkhondeh, Genevieve Chua, Amanda Heng, Lin Tianmiao and Suzann Victor, all of which were created during their residency with STPI.

STPI at Frieze London and FIAC Paris in October 2021

While the beginning of 2021 still left the art world uncertain of whether or not prepandemic activities could resume, the latter part of the year proved to be more hopeful where major art fairs such as Frieze and FIAC could take place in-person. In line with how such events are cautiously yet optimistically paving the way for the international art world to return to business-as-usual, STPI is pleased to present
physical booths at both Frieze London and FIAC Paris.

On Time: Adeline Kueh, Jason Lim, Ian Woo, Zul Mahmod

Defying Expectations, Defining Time

STPI is pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition, On Time, featuring new works by four Singaporean artists: Adeline Kueh, Jason Lim, Ian Woo and Zul Mahmod; these artists took part in a residency with STPI one after the other in 2021. In a unique move, the exhibition’s layout will be altered routinely for the duration of the show, thus presenting fresh iterations of the presentation.

STPI returns to Art Basel 2021

Following 2020 where Art Basel took place online, STPI is pleased to present a physical booth at this year’s edition of Basel’s flagship fair. This marks a steady return to the usual conditions of the international art world after the lull period precipitated by the pandemic. Despite STPI’s remote participation, being able to present works physically is an invaluable opportunity for an overseas audience to appreciate the print and paper works, created in our workshop space, in-person. It further allows STPI to remain in dialogue with the global art market in spite of the uncertain conditions.

Pae White: Friendship is Magic

We are pleased to present a solo exhibition by prolific Los Angeles-based artist Pae White. Having arrived in Singapore for an STPI residency in 2018, the artist allowed herself to be guided by the space, people, food, presented opportunities and Singapore itself. These factors informed the multiple series of works realised through chance and collaboration with the Creative Workshop team. Such encounters and relationships provided her with a profound experience whose effects carry forward till today. It is this connection and closeness that forms the basis of Friendship is Magic.

Announcing Brand New Project | Re_ by STPI

Re_ by STPI is a series of multi-platform viewing rooms. It brings together a selection of works from STPI’s inventory, placing them in new constellations for us to relook at them in fresh contexts. With a different focus for each iteration, the presentations will be refreshed regularly throughout the year. In the spirit of re-presenting these artworks in new situations, our first three viewing rooms will take place at the dynamic ArtSpace @ HeluTrans.

STPI at Art Basel’s ‘OVR: Portals’

STPI will present two works by Chong, Call for the Dead (2020) and Foreign Affairs (2018). The works respond to the urgent concerns posed by the premise of ‘OVR: Portals’ by Art Basel, which calls for artistic practices that interrogate the parameters that have shaped our contemporary landscape.

STPI Open House 2021: Font Memories

[Fact Sheet] Join the various workshops and stations that run simultaneously throughout the day, and create your own handmade print under the guidance of STPI’s expert workshop team.

Heman Chong: Peace Prosperity And Friendship With All Nations

From the Brexit coin, the backdoors of embassies, the spy novel, and the Straits Times to the QR codes of Singapore’s COVID-19 SafeEntry system, the artworks in the exhibition bring together a constellation of conceptual gestures based upon everyday encounters and autobiographical objects that chronicle the complex political and cultural landscape of our present moment.

Exhibition: Printmakers’ Assembly 2020

Printmakers’ Assembly launched as online showcase in its inaugural edition, celebrating strength, richness and variability of printmaking practices around the world

21 May – 21 June 2020