Paid Workshop

Carving Narratives: Japanese Woodblock Printing Workshop

6 July / 13 July 2024
10AM – 1PM / 3PM – 6PM

Learn the art of mokuhanga (Japanese woodblock printing) in our beginner-friendly workshop! 

Be inspired by the intricate layers of Helen Frankenthaler’s woodblock prints, as you bring your unique prints to life with fluid shapes and vibrant hues. 

No prior experience required – our friendly instructors are on-hand to guide you through the serene beauty of mokuhangaRecommended for ages 12 and above.
SGD 80 per pax (before GST). Click here to register.

Participants are kindly requested to prepare a 3 layered simple inorganic shape coloured image for this workshop.  


Learning Takeaways: 

  • Dive into the rich history of mokuhanga, and appreciate its influence on modern art 
  • Experiment with layering techniques to create depth and texture in your prints, capturing the essence of Frankenthaler’s dynamic compositions 


Paid Workshop

Beyond the Surface: Kitchen Lithography Workshop

20 July / 3 August 2024, Saturday
10AM – 12PM / 3PM – 5PM

No printmaking equipment at home? No worries! 

Join our kitchen lithography workshop and learn how you can create beautiful prints with common household items. Create monochromatic abstract prints, inspired by Helen Frankenthaler’s delicate compositions, with some aluminium foil and Coca-Cola. 

Figure out the science behind the art – sign up today!

No prior experience required. Recommended for ages 12 and above.
SGD 50 per pax (before GST). Click here to register.

Participants are kindly requested to prepare their own monochromatic gradual tone image for this workshop. 


Learning Takeaways: 

  • Understand the fundamental principles of lithography 
  • Familiarise yourself with the materials and tools needed for kitchen lithography 
  • Explore mark-making within a monochromatic palette, inspired by Frankenthaler’s exploration of light and shadow 


Paid Workshop

Abstract Serenity: Monotype Screenprinting & Book Folding Workshop

10 August / 17 August / 24 August 2024
10AM – 12.30PM / 3PM – 5.30PM

Channel Helen Frankenthaler’s expressive energy in our Monotype Screenprinting & Book Folding workshop! 

Experience the freedom of monotype screenprinting – be inspired by Frankenthaler’s dynamic brushstrokes and unleash a riot of colours onto paper. Turn your prints into miniature folded books, with each page displaying your vibrant design. 

No prior experience required. Recommended for ages 7 and above.
SGD 50 per pax (before GST). Click here to register.


Learning Takeaways: 

  • Understand the fundamentals of monotype screenprinting 
  • Explore the expressive potential of colours, utilising colour theory to achieve your desired outcomes 
  • Master book folding techniques as you create miniature books from your prints


Arty Afternoon

Arty Afternoon | Paint, Press, Print: Coaster Monotypes

14 July / 4 August / 18 August 2024
11.00AM – 4.00PM

Step into a world of endless possibilities with our Arty Afternoon printmaking sessions! This free, drop-in activity welcomes all.  

Apply vibrant colours to cutout foam shapes, arranging them in a variety of configurations. Transfer your designs onto coasters, and bring your creations home! 


Guided Tours

Guided Tours | Helen Frankenthaler: Prints 1977–2004

Various Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays

Join our expert docents for a guided tour that will unravel the intricacies of Helen Frankenthaler’s works. Glean a deeper understanding into her intricate experimentations in printmaking. 

The tour will include a glimpse into our Creative Workshop, which houses the very equipment used to produce Frankenthaler’s works!  

Guided tours at STPI are free of charge. Drop-in guests are welcome. 

Click here to register.


Special Publication! | PRINT / PAPER UNLIMITED

Click here to pre-order your copy today!

In commemoration of its 21st Anniversary, STPI is publishing a seminal book titled PRINT / PAPER UNLIMITED — a rich collection of essays, interviews, and anecdotes from past visiting artists, renowned curators, passionate collectors, and other significant figures in the international art scene.

Their voices and contribution highlight the depth and scale of STPI’s indelible mark on the contemporary art landscape in Singapore, regionally in Southeast Asia, and around the world.

LAUNCHED! | Print City: A Print Explorer’s Guidebook

STPI is pleased to present Print City, an illustrated guide to printmaking and papermaking. In a collection of 10 whimsical art projects, Rolly the Print City Guide leads the way to fantastical destinations: from the Turtle Racing Arena to the Print Zoo and across the Field of Rainbow Houses, Rolly leads us to discover the wondrous craft of printmaking and create a treasure trove of art pieces along the way.

Get your hands on a copy of Print City now!

Now Available on The Corner Shop I Do Ho Suh: Works on Paper at STPI

Do Ho Suh: Works on Paper at STPI is a survey of the Seoul-born, London-based artist’s extraordinary body of work created during his multiple residencies with STPI since 2009. The A3-sized book contains over 200 highly detailed illustrations, two illuminating essays by Allegra Pesenti and Sarah Suzuki, as well as an intimate reflection by Suh himself in conversation with Martin Coomer.

Now Available at STPI Corner Shop. Click to find out more.