current Exhibition

Jason Martin: Meta physical

23 March - 4 May 2019

STPI is pleased to present Jason Martin: Meta physical, an exhibition chronicling modes in which the dialectic between matter and creative intuition is perceived and processed through the artist’s personal language of abstraction. Through a rigorous experimentation in print and paper, Martin’s practice of abstract painting is reinvigorated by the processual nature of printmaking and the introduction of new material qualities.

In particular, the possibilities of embossed relief and paper casting have brought to Martin’s paintings a distinctive vocabulary of expression through a sustained exploration of line and gesture. The artist’s marks take on sweeping, continuous linearities in his drypoint compositions, while works of aquatint record drip-like traces. In his series of paper pulp paintings, textured images further occupy the space between the pictoriality of painting and the spatiality of sculpture.

Positioning himself at one with a set of conditions and moments afforded by the residency, Martin tempers chance and intention to generate varying expressions of surface texture on which the bodily is inferred, and the unconscious made perceptible.

We had the privilege to host our Guest-of-Honour, H. E. Scott Wightman, British High Commissioner, on our exhibition opening. View our exhibition opening photographs here.


Public programmes:

[Ongoing] Weekly Public Guided Tours in English and Korean

[Upcoming] Panel Talk: Abstraction as: Object, Process, Rhythm, Force

[Upcoming] Reel Thursday: Pollock (2000)

[Past] Artist Talk: Jason Martin, with Greg Hilty and Mark Gisbourne

[Past] Reel Thursdays: The Silence of Mark Rothko

[RSVP closed] Workshop: Paper: Sculpt-N-Cast

[Past] Arty Afternoon: Experiments with Print and Pulp

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upcoming Exhibition

Manuel Ocampo: Ideological Mash-Up/Remix

Opening on Friday, 17 May 2019

Responding to a global culture of image production and consumption in flux, Manuel Ocampo’s often chaotic and violent compositions present interactions between image-forms of a fragmented time and space, recalling the spectres of history, of painting, and of oneself. Concerned with questions of identity and versions of culture, Ocampo’s works become dimensional screens of symbols and signs that are at once familiar and arbitrary; where humour bathes itself in a certain darkness, and darkness manifests itself in a certain comfort.

This distinct visual language is furthered at STPI, where Ocampo continues to employ symbols and iconography that straddle between accessibility and ambiguity. Developing print and paper experimentations in a collaborative setting which required a different momentum and mode of production, the artist imbues variations of old imagery with new techniques and approaches.

Opening night: Friday, 17 May 2019, 6.30pm – 8.30pm; with Guest-of-Honour, H. E. Joseph Del Mar Yap, Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines to Singapore. RSVP: FacebookEmail


Public programmes:

[Upcoming] Artist Talk: Manuel Ocampo, with Joyce Toh

[Upcoming] Weekly Public Guided Tours

[Upcoming] Evening Guided Tour

[Upcoming] Foreign Language Exhibition Tours

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