Printmakers’ Assembly 2020

21 May — 21 June 2020

STPI – Creative Workshop & Gallery is delighted to launch the inaugural edition of Printmakers’ Assembly, a showcase celebrating the strength, richness and variability of printmaking practices.

Since it was founded in 2002, STPI has been a trailblazer in championing and promoting printmaking both in Singapore and on a global level. It has organised motley exhibitions around and beyond its residency programme, working with established artists to expand their oeuvre to incorporate the mediums of print and paper. Printmakers’ Assembly further opens up the gallery programme to show artworks beyond those produced in STPI’s Creative Workshop.

Now, more than ever, the resolve towards supporting independent artists around the world is deeply crucial. Initially limited to applicants from Southeast Asian countries, the open call for Printmakers’ Assembly eventually expanded to welcome international applicants of all nationalities, in response to a high volume of requests and in the spirit of encouraging a wider range of submissions. Amidst increased travel bans and lockdowns due to the global pandemic, STPI received a remarkable and heartening range of applications from a variety of artistic and cultural backgrounds. After a rigorous selection process, nearly 70 works were chosen from the submissions of 25 artists that demonstrated innovative, diverse treatments and technical competencies in the field of printmaking.

In light of the rapidly changing situation worldwide, STPI has been exploring and adapting to new exhibitionary formats that promote dynamism and access in a time of caution and containment. The 2020 edition of Printmakers’ Assembly is thus taking the format of an online showcase, hosted here on the STPI website and accompanied by a host of online resources and programmes.

Click here to view the Printmakers’ Assembly Resource Centre.

Click here to view e-Catalogue.


Sales Matters
1. STPI is the organiser of Printmakers’ Assembly 2020, and will not handle the transactions involved in the sale of artworks. For sales interest and queries, please go to the relevant artist page, click on “View available works” and contact the artist directly.
2. All proceeds from the sale of any artwork go 100% to the artist(s).
3. Prices quoted in the e-catalogue exclude taxes. Please confirm with the artist to check if the artwork is taxable.
5. Prices quoted do not include shipping and delivery charges. Shipping and delivery charges apply separately.
6. During shipping and delivery, VAT/import taxes may apply based on destination country.
7. All artwork information and availability are correct at the time of publication.

All artwork images ©️ artists, courtesy of STPI.

Artists presented at Printmakers’ Assembly 2020 are not represented by STPI, and are not affiliated with STPI’s residency programme.