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About the Artist

Tan Seow Wei graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Painting in 2008. She loves to dabble in printmaking, ink painting and drawing, and inadvertently produces works that are often mixed media in nature.

She has won a number of awards including the Siaw-Tao Outstanding Art Award in 2014, Winston Oh Travelog Award in 2007, Georgette Chen Scholarship in 2006, and Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Award – Distinction in 2003. 

She has exhibited at a number of group shows in various venues in Singapore, including the Esplanade and the Visual Art Centre.


Artist Statement

Tan’s angle of interest is wide ranging, depending on what captures her attention at a single moment in time. She often draws inspiration from her surroundings, and a recent interest lies in plants and people. The formal elements of lines, curves and angles inherent in human forms fascinate her greatly ever since she took up life drawing during her formal training, and human figures continue to be one of her favourite subject matters. Given the close association of flowers with femininity, the floral setting which the female figures are set in seems comfortable, harmonious and natural. The fact that flowers and women are almost synonymous in many cultures allows the artworks to be open for multiple interpretations by different viewers.

All images courtesy of the Artist.

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