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Printmakers’ Assembly 2020: Olatz Irigarai

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About the Artist

Olatz Irigarai is a visual artist currently living in Singapore. She studied at the University of the Basque Country, in the Faculty of Fine Arts (Spain). She likes to experiment with different mediums and techniques, with a particular focus in painting. 

Nature has always been her first inspiration; simultaneously, she has been influenced by Chinese ink painting, abstract art and post-minimalist tendencies. She has adopted a mantra in the words of the artist Sol Le Witt, to his artist-friend Eva Hesse: “…Stop it and just DO!”

Olatz Irigarai’s work has been featured in Europe in solo and group exhibitions, and more recently here in Singapore at the NPE Art Residency & Gallery.


Artist Statement

My work is a constant research on what is hidden in the essence of the perennial. In order to achieve it, I use symbolism, colours, negative space, shapes, and a myriad of different materials.  I work with a childlike intention to play with the cosmos. A play between heaven and earth, spirituality and matter, the dichotomy of breathing and not breathing…

I have found in the photolithographs that compose this series, all the aforesaid elements – this has informed the title of Cavities. The purpose has been to emphasise the qualities of emptiness and fullness, and the resonating synchrony between them.

This series is the fruit of an exploration in the field of printmaking, finding beauty in the materials used. It has quickly become an obsession of mine, as I have begun to perceive the emergence of personal stories embedded in the works as I play with the spaces I have created.

All artwork images courtesy of the Artist.

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