Setúbal, Portugal

Printmakers’ Assembly 2020: Ana Maria Nomico

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About the Artist

I am a Portuguese national who lived most of my life in South Africa and where I graduated and practised as an architect.

Whilst a resident in Qatar (2011-2017), I began pursuing art-making in the forms of printmaking and conceptual art, where I participated in nine exhibitions including an international one.

My interest in the arts is strongly pervaded by architectural influences. I am interested in the dichotomy of the natural and the manmade, and I find inspiration in the relationship between the two. Central to my interest is art as a social statement and commentary through the process of observation and reflection.


Artist Statement

The diptych of celestial maps I am here / We are here depicts constellations and the milky way as seen from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres respectively.

As we gaze towards the sky to take in the splendour it offers, it also provides solace and escapism from the current pandemic as a much needed source of certainty where the world – blitzed by a microscopic enemy – may be rendered a ground zero.

Surveying the cosmos equally offers a unique opportunity to embrace the universal interconnection that binds us together, upon which our survival and subsequent recovery from this catastrophe is dependent.

All artwork images courtesy of the Artist. Adapted images from Royalty-free stock vector ID: 653581354, map of the celestial planisphere and the constellations by Benjamin Marin Rubio.

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