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Printmakers’ Assembly 2020: Agung Prabowo

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About the Artist

Agung Prabowo a.k.a AGUGN majored in Graphic Art at ITB in Bandung, Indonesia. He explores various printmaking techniques, with a particular focus in linocut, and consistently pushes the boundaries between printmaking and installation art. Fear, nature, and shamanistic cultures have been key references in his art-making, often interwoven with anthropomorphic and psychoanalytic elements. 

His first solo exhibition, “Natural Mystic,” has been shown successively in Bentara Budaya, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Solo, and Bali, as part of his First Prize accolade achieved at the 4th Triennale Seni Grafis Indonesia in 2012. He has joined many group exhibitions internationally, including “Termasuk: contemporary art from Indonesia,” Darren Knights Gallery, Sydney (2019); “Multilayered – New Prints 2018/Summer”, International Print Centre, New York (2018); and “JAVA – Art Energy” at Institut des Cultures d’Islam, Paris (2018), where he showed an installation first displayed in “Re Emergence” at Selasar Sunaryo Artspace (2017). His upcoming solo exhibition in Machida City Museum, Japan, titled “Imprint,” is currently postponed in view of the pandemic.


Artist Statement

Plasma, a study in physics, is the most common – yet probably the least understood – phase of matter in the universe. Its name came about due to its semblance to blood plasma. This caused me to ponder over the universe, and the mysterious matter that makes up the biological build of humans and renders us a common kind.

As a whole, the full image created by the joined panels depicts a human figure trying to kiss its knees. As adults, most of us cannot replicate this posture at present, yet it is probably something we found ourselves easily doing as children. The folded figure represents my philosophy of embracing our fears, and continuing to function in strange and unprecedented circumstances.

The work consists of sixty individual panels. Each panel tells of a microcosmic narrative, inviting multiple interpretations of the larger work. Using a grid composition, I seek to employ a playful approach to printmaking, despite the technical limitations and rigid traditions usually tied to this medium. It is also an analogy of a familiar daily situation we face – each story assembled together creates a bigger plot.

Further, the work is a reminder to remain resilient and resourceful in moments of fear, coping through embracing its existence in nature and the possibilities it presents. Fear, in this sense, produces hope.

All images courtesy of the Artist and Machida City Museum Of Graphic Arts, Tokyo, Japan.

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