Alongside the launch of Printmakers’ Assembly, we are pleased to share an accompanying Resource Centre dedicated to the expanded discussions and ideas surrounding the field of printmaking.

The richness of the medium is evident across histories – from its origins in Roman-era decorative arts to the first woodblock printed Buddhist sutras in 9th-century China, from politically-charged posters created during the Mexican Revolution to the populist use of screenprinting in the Pop Art movement, the innovative and ever-evolving technology of printmaking has pervaded many facets of visual art and information media, and challenged the conventions of image-making.

At present, printmaking continues to play a crucial role in shaping and transforming artistic and cultural production. From informative videos to thoughtful conversations, explore the medium of print and its unique material and conceptual bearing on contemporary art today.

On Printmaking

Take a closer look at the history and processes of printmaking, as our Creative Workshop team takes you through the four key techniques of Relief, Intaglio, Lithography and Screenprint.

On Collecting Print

This segment covers important conversations with specialists and professionals, providing tips on collecting prints. Peruse our first conversation on collection care, featuring the registrar team of STPI.

Artist Interviews

Read selected interviews with artists participating in the first edition of Printmakers’ Assembly, as they delve into ideas and thoughts behind their works. Artist Interviews will be progressively published from 25 May.



View selected snapshots of participating artists’ sketchbooks and studios, and peek into present and upcoming projects keeping them busy.

Collected Thoughts

Tapping into STPI’s very own art community, this segment highlights short essays and poems from our docent volunteers penned in response to exhibited works.