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About the Artist

Mark Tan obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Drawing and Applied Arts from the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol). Working through photography, drawing, and printmaking, his various configurations become sensory fragments that investigate the methodologies of mark-making. The psychological spaces of memory as a site of constant flux are then used as a trigger for Tan’s practice.

Tan has exhibited both locally and internationally in Singapore, Indonesia, France and the U.K.. His most recent exhibitions include “Rethinking Editions”, OUR Artprojects, Malaysia (2019); “Heartbreak Hotel”, OUR Artprojects, Malaysia (2018); “Bi-Lateral Bonds”, Taksu Gallery, Singapore (2016); 17th Biennale internationale de la gravure de Sarcelles, France (2015); and “Synecdoche”, Embassy Tea Gallery, United Kingdom (2014).


Artist Statement

A Route is a series created in response to the same memorable place that served as the main inspiration for Lapse I-XV. It takes on a more personal and spontaneous approach, whereby the images are hand-drawn from memory, thus providing an organic and idiosyncratic interpretation of that specific place.

Lapse I-XV is inspired by a memorable place (a forest with a reservoir) during my childhood. It was a place that countless experiences and friendships were formed, and also a safe haven for introspection and self-reflection. Utilising memory as a constant theme, shapes and forms are abstracted and cropped to reflect how one selectively remembers and reimagines multiple events that have occurred in life.

Brain-Mark-Brain is a self portrait that explores the boundaries I have within myself. It is created by solely relying on my haptic sense – drawing blind-folded – thus generating a response to what I really ‘feel’ rather than what I ‘see’. It is through this process of drawing blindfolded that I can abandon myself to my feelings and create an honest drawing.

All images courtesy of the Artist.

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