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About the Artist

Zaki Zulfakar is an art teacher with twenty years of teaching experience. He has been immersed in fine arts education from primary to tertiary levels. He sees himself as a practitioner and therefore makes time to pursue his artistic inquiries. His latest art involvement in 2020 is his appointment as Co-Curator for “a;edge”, an art exhibition for teachers. His forte has always been in printmaking, where he combines digital and relief printing techniques. To him, the camera lens serves as another pair of “eyes” through which he can view his surroundings; a visual stimulus and a visual diary for his future undertakings. Digital images are later transformed into prints, most often using discarded paper, cardboard and white glue – conditions he considers “enabling constraints,” which allow the mind to think more creatively.

He has exhibited at various platforms locally and overseas, including the Busan International Printmaking Exhibition, Korea and in Western Australia.


Artist Statement

My artworks have been partly inspired by Expressionism, each line representing one of my emotions. When presented as a whole, they are like seismic waves on seismographs or a kind of internal ‘tsunami’ – whether the lines are being molded or etched deeply (through peeling and carving the cardboard) as prints on paper, brought about by emotional turmoil. The ‘wave-like’ lines, constantly present in my artworks in recent years, is my attempt at using more non-representational forms. They resemble the waves in Virginia Woolf’s The Wave, in that they not only represent fluidity but also the dual significance of ocean ways as constancy and change.

In a way, it plots my spiritual journey during this time, as I grow deeper in my understanding of the cosmos, my immediate surroundings and myself. These lines are also indicative of feelings and responses evoked by persons, objects and the key events in my life. By sharing these raw emotions through my work, I hope that viewers will have some kind of evocative response toward them.

Showcased artwork: Frequencies 1 Series 2, 2019, Collagraph with oil-based ink on paper, 100 x 400 x 5 cm, Framed, Unique, Not for sale.

All images courtesy of the Artist.

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