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About the Artist

Ripple Root is the artist moniker of Liquan Liew & Estella Ng. They make carefree, collaborative works reflecting themes of nature and wildlife. In their work is a distinct Southeast Asian ornamentation, seen in folkloric patterns that have been given a contemporary twist.

The two develop artworks physically next to each other, taking turns to add to a piece, a fragment or a detail, like a game of ‘tag’ — constantly swapping works after each individual has added his or her interpretation. Ripple Root has exhibited in London, South Korea, Melbourne and Sydney. In Singapore, they are known for their large-scale murals and site-specific art. Most recently, they were the youngest artists hand-picked for Sotheby’s Modern & Contemporary Asian Art auction, where the work they created was sold in Hong Kong.


Artist Statement

This whimsical triptych spotlights the early settlers, but we’d like to imagine it speaking to anyone who’s currently on their own personal journey, no matter how big or small the undertaking. This is a reminder that the struggle is worth it.

In Approaching the Unknown, we remember Singapore’s orchards of yesteryear, and imagine two field laborers venturing in. Riding through the Abyss depicts a solo trishaw against the backdrop of a wide open space, indicating a great path that lies ahead. It speaks of the actual process of journeying through life’s ebbs and flows. Although we are in the company of others, oftentimes it can seem like a solo affair, and the situation can appear insurmountable and beyond control. The idea is to keep going, sustain the pace, and ultimately find joy in the process. Finally, in Paradise Found we see the light at the end of the tunnel – a fruit harvest awaits! The two workers are seen frolicking, and their efforts have culminated into this picturesque scene. This becomes a metaphor for how the journey of life is worthwhile, and bears possibilities of sweet rewards and important lessons.

All images courtesy of the Artist.

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