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Printmakers’ Assembly 2020: Marian Crawford

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About the Artist

Marian Crawford is a visual artist, and senior lecturer in Fine Art at Monash University Art Design & Architecture, Melbourne, Australia, where she has taught for ten years. Crawford’s works explore the relationships between the book, fine art printmaking processes, and the printed image in contemporary culture. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally since 1996.


Artist Statement

Starting with historical images found in State Library Queensland’s collection that were then recontextualised into a more contemporary visual language, this series of works Diffraction was made using the strategies of repetition, separation and connection. This work is part of an ongoing project titled Picturing the Island that researches Crawford’s history with the Central Pacific Ocean island Banaba – once known as Ocean Island.

Fake Pearls series explores notions of perception and ways of seeing. The works were made while considering the proposition that there could be ‘fake’ and ‘not-fake’ news; the artistic lineage of Andy Warhol’s celebrity portraits and the power of an image to denote fame and power; news reports of the conflicts in the Middle East; and my remoteness from detailed information about these events in the my part of the Southern hemisphere. Lastly, the works suggest how the pixel converts an image into the language of the print.

All artwork images by Tim Gresham, courtesy of the Artist.

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