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Printmakers’ Assembly 2020: Shin-Young Park

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About the Artist

Shin-Young Park is a Korean-born New Zealander, who moved to Auckland in 1991 with her family. After completing a Bachelors degree (1998) and a Masters degree (2003) in Fine Arts at the Elam School of Fine Art at the University of Auckland, Park moved to Singapore in 2006.  

Park has won the Iris Fisher Art Award (Best Contemporary) in 2005 in Auckland, was nominated as a Most Outstanding Emerging Artist in Art Singapore 2009, and won the BAZAAR Singapore Art Prize 2016 (2D on canvas). She participated in the Incheon Art Platform residency programme in 2014 and the Asia Pacific Artists Fellowship Programme organised by the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul in 2012.   

Her works were commissioned by Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore (2008) and Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore (2010). She represented Singapore at The World Triennial of Printmaking and Original Etching in Chamalières, France in 2017. 


Artist Statement

The Pearl of the Orient series represents the unique characteristics of today’s multicultural Singapore: diverse yet united, busy yet orderly, where the best of Eastern and Western worlds coexist. 

To the artist, the actual process of printing is almost as important as the work itself. The artist repeatedly abandons and enhances images to create the most interesting combination, while discovering unexpected results through this process. 

When the artist squeezes the white ink through the mesh as a final touch, the randomly and chaotically scattered images fall into perfect order, just like dynamic and energetic Singapore that is prospering inside of a perfectly arranged system and order. Details in each circular form can be perceived individually or considered as a larger whole, playfully introducing the idea of multiple layers and screens of perception to the work.

From the ‘surface’, Singapore is a modern and high-tech society. The individual images the artist printed on the metal background are what the artist perceives from the surface of modern Singapore. Yet, just beneath the ‘surface’, cultural traditions such as the Chinese preference for the auspicious number eight is prevalent. This contrasting difference of old and new, divided by the ‘surface’, is one of many aspects of Singapore that fascinates the artist, and what she thinks makes Singapore a unique country.

In this fast-paced society where everything is digitised and constantly moving, the artist wanted to document her ordinary life in Singapore in a slow, manual fashion. In this print series called picture diary, she employed vivid graphic images of her life in Singapore, selected at random from her smartphone photo album from years 2014-2017. 

Through this, the artist wants to capture the unique aspects of Singapore in an entangled composition of overlaid images, representing the ethnic and cultural diversity, as well as the busy lifestyle, over-crowdedness and equatorial climate of Singapore.

All artwork images courtesy of the Artist. Profile image courtesy of Gerard Ward, Anza Magazine.

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