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Printmakers’ Assembly 2020: Jingxuan Hu

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About the Artist

A graduate of Central Saint Martins (MA) and School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA), Jingxuan Hu is an artist who examines ideas around flux, migration and urban life, with aesthetic codes as markers of identity and aspirations. Having lived in a few different countries, Hu extrapolates fragments of architecture and history from her own itinerant experience to create synthetic worlds that fracture into numerous pictures, stories and realities. Hu’s art has been exhibited in galleries in Chicago, London, Singapore and China. In 2018, she achieved the Most Promising Artist of the Year Award at the UOB Painting of the Year competition. She is currently an Associate Professor in Art and Director of the International Contemporary Art Research Center at Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU) in China.


Artist Statement

Hu Jingxuan draws from the richness of traditional Chinese culture and Western fine arts, integrating their distinct characteristics in hopes of creating works with a style and connotation relating to geographical and cultural influences. These qualities are transformed through her work, which presents claustrophobic dreamscapes embellished with crimped flounces, ornaments and intricate patterns. 

In modern society, people are constantly moving and traveling, resulting in hybrid identities that blur cultural boundaries and challenge social contexts. How does one negotiate increasingly confusing and complex realities of contemporary life, between past spatial memories and new geographical locations? What constitutes identity? Does it evolve as one travels?

Hu’s multimedia works, such as NO.309M_SpaceNO.406M_Space, and Chinese Thinking in Multiple Circles series, reflect her own nomadic journey. She carries with her a hybridity of cultures and values, and her art tells intriguing stories of fear, displacement, nostalgia, home-sickness and longing. They are an emotional response to her interpretation of her personal trajectory. In doing so, she seeks to explore the broader phenomenon of lost social and cultural information and associations for generations of Chinese who have spent most of their lives abroad. She conceives a fragile compositional harmony of diverse and seemingly arbitrary textures, shapes, marks, images and references, and their relationships with each other – bearing likeness to cosmopolitan human society. They can be read as maps due to their composition, diaries due to the found paper element, or simply as snapshot summaries of our social and natural worlds.

All artwork images courtesy of the Artist.

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