Printmakers’ Assembly 2020: George Wong Yung Choon

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About the Artist

George Wong Yung Choon investigates the systems that shape his everyday experiences, by embedding within them absurd systems of his own construction. While his practice was originally rooted in an interest in the production, distribution, and value of photographic images in today’s world, he has recently begun expanding his explorations beyond that scope. He is a “Singapore Boy” who completed his MA Contemporary Art Practice (Critical Practice) from the Royal College of Art, London, in July 2019. He has exhibited in Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland and the United Kingdom.


Artist Statement

Daydreams is a series exploring the act of daydreaming while attempting an examination paper. The black print has a texture and mark reminiscent of xerox-printed examination questions duplicated numerous times for all students. This is contrasted with the grey text, which leaves an indelible impression popularised recently by the contemporary letterpress. The juxtaposition of the two different printing techniques on a single print reflects the artist’s journey through Singapore’s education system.

All images courtesy of the Artist.

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