Teppei Kaneuji

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Teppei Kaneuji’s artistic practice blends familiarity with the unexpected, delivering complexity and plurality of objects in the most tasteful and refreshing manner.

Intrigued by the local landscape, Kaneuji created Singapore-inspired works reflecting the flavour of the city. To Kaneuji, Singapore exemplifies the ‘collage’, having multi-cultures blend together like chaos and order in one place. Two and three-dimensional works in various colours, shapes, and forms are brought forth through his exploration of print methods as well as the development in his ongoing preoccupation with objects and reconstruction. While his hand-sewn soft sculptures explore dimensions, contexts and shapes, his striking assemblages negotiate real and imagined spaces.

Kaneuji has exhibited in major cities around the world including Shanghai, Sydney, New York, Los Angeles and Gwangju, and has participated in the 2011 Singapore Biennale. Public art collections include the Yokohama Museum of Art, Mori Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo.


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