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“Printmaking is like cooking – you never know what’s going to come out.” – Pinaree Sanpitak

Born in 1961, Bangkok, Pinaree Sanpitak is one of the most established Thai conceptual artists of her generation. Known for her imageries revolving the breasts, her work centres around the female body and form, seeing them as a vessel of experience and perception while considering how it is minimised. Her sensorial inquiries are pronounced through a tactile rootedness and fluidity between materials and practices; including collage, drawing, painting, and sculptures involving textiles, glass, ceramics, and metals. This results in an astoundingly varied and innovative body of work.

Over the past thirty years, her work has been featured in numerous museums and major biennales across Asia, Europe and the United States. An overview of her work from 1995-2013 was showcased in a solo exhibition, Collection +: Pinaree Sanpitak, at the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation in Sydney, Australia (2014). The artist presented Hanging by a Thread at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (2013), a solo exhibition featuring her large-scale installation of the same title, which was subsequently acquired by said institution. Another large-scale installation, Temporary Insanity, was exhibited at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, Virginia (2012) and subsequently at The Contemporary Austin in Austin Texas (2013). At the 18th Biennale of Sydney (2012) she showcased a large-scale installation, Anything Can Break, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. The installation comprises thousands of origami “flying cubes” and breast-shaped glass clouds suspended from the ceiling, with musical motifs triggered by motion sensors in response to the audience’s movements.

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