Ong Kim Seng

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Acclaimed watercolorist Ong Kim Seng is described as the ultimate ‘maestro of light’. His signature style is marked by a consummate handling of light and shadows in his pieces, sensitive composition and meticulous detail. His illustrious career is marked by local and international accolades including the prestigious national Cultural Medallion (1991), and a litany of awards including the acclaimed Dolphin Fellowship (2000) conferred by the American Watercolour Society, as well as the Ida Wells Memorial Award (2001), Winsor & Newton Award (2000), the Barse Miller Memorial Award (1992), the Clara Stroud Memorial Award (1989), the Lucy B. Moore Award (1988), Paul B. Remmy memorial Award (1983). The artist was awarded the Excellence for Singapore Award (2000) by the Singapore

Totalisator Board, as well as the Singapore International Award (2001) by the Singapore International Foundation and the Arts Supporter Award (2001) by the National Arts Council. Currently the honorary President of the Singapore Watercolour Society, following a long term as its President (1991-2001), Ong continues to actively promote watercolour with organisations and bodies around the world.

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