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Hyun-Mi Yoo

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Hyun-Mi Yoo was born in Seoul, Korea in 1964, and obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Seoul National University, 1987; her Master of Arts from New York University, 1992; and her Assessment of Professional Competence from New York University, 1994.

Her body of work provacates the mind and eye through an artistic process that layers and layers, concealed within the final outcome. A fervent writer of short stories as well, Yoo extracts imageries and stories from her own collection to translate into the visual. The artist then blends a host of genres—sculpture, painting, photography, the architectural—to produce her works.

A steady practitioner of her craft for over the last two to three decades, Yoo’s process sits within the contemporary realm of breaking away from traditional artistic conventions through this conscious engagement—or rather, befuddlement—of fine art forms. At the same time, from her short stories to her art objects, the artist continuously draws out realms within the human psyche that speak towards universally-relatable experiences.

Recent solo exhibitions include ‘Soft Chaos’ at Buk-Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, 2019; ‘Eyes of number’, Savina Museum, Seoul, 2017; ‘The library in my mind’, Kyobo Art Space, Seoul, 2016; and ‘Physical numerics’, GalleryBundo, Daegu, 2014. Yoo has also exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions around the world, including Singapore, New York, Florida, Moscow, Shanghai and Jakarta.

Yoo’s works have been placed in many Korea-based collections, including the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea; Seoul Museum of Art, Hana Bank, Amorepacific, Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art and HITE Collection, among others.