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Adeline Kueh makes installations, photography and embodied works that reconsider the relationship we have with things and rituals around us. Her works are imbued with a sense of desire and longing, and act as modern-day totems that explore personal histories and overlooked moments. Using drawing as a conceptual tool, Adeline tries to map out the historical trajectories across time and space through her use of found objects and new production.

In light of the ecological turn, Adeline’s immediate concerns have shifted towards ideas around intimate labour, and the politics and poetics of care. Works made are seen as social objects inscribed with histories and narratives while simultaneously questioning the kinds of knowledge that are produced. She has also recently co-founded a critical craft collective in Singapore.

Adeline has exhibited in the United Kingdom, USA, South Korea, The Netherlands, Turkey, Indonesia, Serbia, Australia and Singapore. Rooted in critical studies, Adeline has also chaired and presented at a number of cultural studies conferences in the UK, Germany, Australia, Finland, Hungary, Singapore and Malaysia. Currently a Senior Lecturer with the MA Fine Arts programme (with the McNally School of Fine Arts, LASALLE College of the Arts), Adeline’s research interests include notions of hauntings and monstrosity within Southeast Asian contexts, architecture, and adaptive design.

Adeline was also involved in the Word of Mouth exhibition in the 2019 Venice Biennale, and was a consultant/designer for projects including the Passion Made Possible Culture Shaper Tribe Films (Singapore Tourism Board) in 2019 andHermes Singapore in 2016.

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