Reel Thursday: Tan Pin Pin: IN TIME TO COME (2017)

Set in Singapore, IN TIME TO COME follows the ritualistic exhuming of an old state time capsule, and the compilation of another.


As enigmatic remnants of life from 25 years ago emerge – a bottle of water from the Singapore River, a copy of Yellow Pages – today’s selection of items are carefully primed for the future to decode. Interwoven are carefully composed shots of moments we rarely think to preserve: the in-between minutes of daily life spent waiting, shot in locales as diverse as the lush jungle to a residential district subdued with haze.


This picture of Singapore is both lovely and startlingly strange, already slipping beyond the present its inhabitants struggle to hold in their hands. Like the time capsules in the film, this film itself is a vessel that transports us through past, present and future, a prism through which we glimpse alternate realities. The latest movie gifted by observer Tan Pin Pin takes its thematic DNA from her previous bold, intelligent work, but leads its audience into uncharted cinematic territory.


Reel Thursdays is a series of films organised in conjunction with the current exhibition: “Soo Pieng: Master of Composition”. Responding to our current exhibition where Cheong Soo Pieng’s modern depictions of local peoples and landscapes are featured, this edition of Reel Thursdays aims to partake in a similar conversation: of how locality in our region is depicted in contemporary times.


Admission is free with limited seating.