Screening: Frameworks: Images of a Changing World (2012)

“Frameworks” is a quest for the meaning and scope of images. Bombarded by thousands of images every day, are we still able to truly see them, especially those of conflict and its aftermath?


From the seemingly endless ocean of images, Helen Doyle has chosen the work of several photographers and visual artists who force us to look deeper at the outside world and at ourselves: the visual poetry of Lana Šlezić in Afghanistan, Philip Blenkinsop’s almost unbearable imagery of Asia, Alfredo Jaar’s monumental installations, Paolo Ventura’s miniature re-enactments of war, the photographs of storyteller Stanley Greene in war zones and those of Geert van Kesteren in Irak, with his vision of citizen journalism.


Contains images of military-related violence and nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.