In Dialogue: Urban Collages


Elaine Chiew, Writer and Visual Arts Researcher
Fyerool Darma, Artist
Vikas Kailankaje, Designer and Lecturer

Moderated by Melanie Pocock, Assistant Curator, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore (ICA), LASALLE College of the Arts.


This panel is held in conjunction with Filipino artist Manuel Ocampo’s exhibition, Ideological Mash-Up/Remix (18 May – 22 June).It takes Ocampo’s syncretic approach to image-making as a point of departure, and considers what collaging might further look like as a mode of constructing personal and cultural realities in the urban.


How do signs operate through concepts of ‘mash-up’ aesthetics? How have digital technologies impacted the ways in which we read, generate and distribute signs? How do the materials of signs — paint, fabric, pixels — affect their semantics? Can signs be empty, or are they perpetually vehicles of meaning and value? Might the polemics generated by ‘mash-up’ culture then require a more urgent and careful reconsideration?


Read the introduction by Melanie Pocock here.