Panel Talk: SG Arts Today

This panel segment aims to thoughtfully examine the factors shaping the trajectories of art in Singapore today. Reflecting on past and current challenges and opportunities for our country’s artistic growth and reach, it further considers how these experiences can help to sharpen our approach to and vision of moulding distinct cultural and national identities.


A timely point of reference, the National Arts Council’s Our SG Arts Plan (2018 – 2022) sets the strategic directions for the art and cultural landscape in Singapore over the next five years through the key thrusts of Inspiring Our PeopleConnecting Our Communities, and Positioning Singapore Globally. What might national inspiration, connection, and global positioning look like in practice? What needs and purposes have been revealed or carved out for the sector? How can local artists and art projects continue to be incubated through and tied to our city’s urban development, and where opportune, gain further traction beyond our shores?


Free admission. RSVP: Facebook | Email