Open House 2021: Kampong Spirit

STPI Open House 2021: Kampong Spirit brings you print and papermaking activities inspired by quintessentially Singaporean elements, such as nostalgic childhood food, snacks, games and memories, and our unique melting pot of cultures. The theme also pays tribute to the sense of community and unity that we have witnessed during these difficult times, a spirit that we hope will continue to linger and grow in the days to come.

Let your creative juices flow with the various workshops and stations that run simultaneously throughout the day, and create your own handmade print under the guidance of STPI’s expert workshop team. And grab the rare chance to witness the various demonstrations on print and papermaking techniques in our Creative Workshop, with the precious opportunity to try some out for yourself. All activities are suitable for all ages, unless otherwise stated.

About Open House

The annual Open House provides a rare opportunity to explore STPI’s Creative Workshop, a rigorous space for artists to experiment with various print and papermaking techniques. Bolstered by specialised facilities and a highly qualified workshop team, the Workshop produces unique collaborations with leading international artists to challenge conventions in art, explore new trajectories in their practice and share their experience with the public.

Once a year, members of the public can step into the Workshop for an exclusive insider’s look at its internal workings, including STPI’s in-house Paper Mill. It is also a unique chance for Open House visitors to personally experience innovative artistic techniques under the expert guidance of our print and papermakers.

Queuing might be expected at the entrance and for the drop-in activities due to our building’s capacity limits. Thank you for your understanding!