Open House 2021: Kampong Spirit | Drypoint Class: Traditional Games

Scratch images of your favourite traditional games! From five stones to chapteh and gasing, learn to scratch a design onto an acrylic sheet, and pull a print of a beloved game! Templates will be provided. This workshop is led by our skilled STPI Gallery Interns, Krystal Choo and Christen Teo.


Aspiring artist based in Singapore, Krystal Choo, has been sharpening her skills in drawing and printmaking, along with other dry mediums for the past few years. Her art style is heavily influenced by the Renaissance and Surrealism period. Krystal also finds herself working a lot with monochromatic colours.

Christen Anne Teo is a fresh graduate from Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts known for her printmaking and mixed media works.She usually uses Silkscreen to express her experiences with Eczema. Her artworks often revolves around finding beauty in insecurites and challenges the perception of how flaws should be defined.