Open House 2021: Kampong Spirit | Batik Unearthed with Tony Sugiarta

This workshop is an introduction to batik, a textile dyeing technique using a hot wax dye resist. The session starts with an overview of what batik is, its ecosystem and contemporary perspective of sustainability in the textile industry. The participants will then experience a full batik-making process from outlining, waxing, 1-colour dip-dyeing (non-natural dyes) and wax removal. Participants will each bring back a medium-size cotton handkerchief.

Image courtesy of aNERDgallery. Image taken before the pandemic.


Tony Sugiarta is the founder and curator of aNERDgallery, a Singapore-based art platform that specialises in presenting new narratives and contemporary artworks that utilises the concept, technique or medium of Indonesian batik or tenun woven cloths. Inspired by the rich heritage, the human stories and the interesting intersection of arts and science, Tony and aNERDgallery aims to connect artists and communities to learn about the culture, technological development and historical significance of these ancient art techniques through workshops and other interactive experiences.