In Talks With: Joan Kee: Fugitive Contemporaries: Korean Art

Joan Kee, Associate Professor of the History of Art at the University of Michigan, offers her perspectives on Fugitive Contemporaries: Korea Art, 1953 – 1989

Join our esteemed speaker as she offers an overview of some key themes and developments through the works of artists during the immediate decades following the provisional end of the Korean War in 1953, where artists in Korea were left unmoored as previous distinctions yielded to new priorities and pressures. How did they reimagine new streams of action? Addressing painting, photography, installation, sculpture as well as intermedial works, the session will feature the works of artists like Jun Min-cho, Kim Hong-joo, Oh Yun, Shin Hak-chol, Park Bul-ddong and Sung Neung-kyung.