Artist Talk: Jason Martin, with Greg Hilty and Mark Gisbourne

Join artist Jason Martin as he discusses his artistic process and body of work developed at STPI. Reviewing the artist’s collaboration with STPI that has culminated in the exhibition Jason Martin: Meta physical, Martin has redirected his enduring spirit of experimentation – particularly in response to the materiality of painting, and the painted image’s nature of arrival and emergence – to the medium of pulp and paper.


In conversation with the artist are Greg Hilty (Curatorial Director, Lisson Gallery) and Mark Gisbourne (art historian, critic, curator, and writer).


“The experimental nature of the workshop afforded me the freedom to explore materials in exciting new ways. The exhibition will hopefully reveal surprises in how materials can be transformative.


The works as a whole endeavour to hold some mysteries questioning the nature of their materials and how they have come into being. If my overall studio practice can be understood as developing a pictorial language, my collaboration with STPI takes me on an R&D tour of the grammar inherent to that language.” — Jason Martin, interviewed by Prestige Singapore