In Dialogue with Suzann Victor, Penny Siopis & Martin Guinard-Terrin | Moderated by Clément Delépine

In conjunction with ‘Of Waters’ at STPI as part of Galleries Curate: RHE, join us for a dialogue between Singaporean artist Suzann Victor, South African artist Penny Siopis, and co-curator of the 12th Taipei Biennial ‘You and I Don’t Live on the Same Planet’ Martin Guinard-Terrin as they speak on the artists’ contribution for RHE. The discussion will be moderated by Galleries Curate coordinator Clément Delépine.

With a focus on Victor’s ‘Fire Water’ (2021) as well as Siopis’ ‘She Breathes Water’ (2019) and ‘Obscure White Messenger’ (2010), the speakers will share their thoughts on the mutability of perception. From a bodily to planetary scale, the discussion will flow between the micro and macro perspectives that the works inspire, such as getting deep in touch with your sensorial capabilities, to the ecological urgency of the state of Earth today. The discussion will also touch on non-human actants to defamiliarise our normative modes of perception, and what that can offer in re-thinking how history is written.

Watch the talk’s recording on Facebook here.