In Dialogue with Adeline Kueh, Jason Lim, Ian Woo, Zul Mahmod, Marc Gloede

Join us for a panel discussion among artists Adeline Kueh, Jason Lim, Ian Woo and Zul Mahmod on the occasion of their group exhibition at STPI. This discussion is moderated by Marc Gloede, who is also the guest curator for the show, On Time. On Time inspects the role of time in the artists’ production period during their STPI residency, as well as the experience of time during and of an exhibition.

The range of works on view spans print to sculpture, relief to installation, and address the impact of time on manifold levels. They invite the audience to encounter and reflect on the facet of time that is most obviously embedded in the artworks: the time of production. They further consider the role of the audience’s engagement and ask: how much time are we spending with each work and how might our perception of it change over time?

Watch the talk’s recording on Facebook here.