In Dialogue with Genevieve Chua and Jason Wee

Join us for a discussion between artist Genevieve Chua, and artist, writer and curator Jason Wee on the occasion of STPI’s group exhibition The Lines Fall Where They May curated by Wee. The Lines Fall Where They May is an exhibition on mark-making and the delicate, faint signs of nonhuman life and environments.

Mark-making is often thought of as visual aggregations of colour, shape, texture and scale, subject to the tightening and release of the artist’s control. In response to this, the exhibition suggests that marks form the ways in which the artist is ever so slightly decentred, and marks are the small signs of life left by others. These marks are openings through which stories other than the artist’s own are known; they are how nonhuman systems and environments make themselves felt, whether those worlds are cybernetic, vegetal, mineral or animal. These signs are barely there, but sometimes in the barely-there exists enough consideration and measure of worlds apart from our own.

Watch the talk’s recording on Facebook here.