Hands-on Workshop: Character Design

$20 per pax | Admission ticket is inclusive | 1 Hour
Suitable for Ages 7 and above


Immerse yourself in Murakami’s world of playful characters, by joining Mr DOB, Kaikai and Kiki in a Superflat dreamscape with your very own unique figure. Using hand-cut stencils and your vivid imagination, you will get to screenprint and design an art-folio that brings your characters to life.


Terms and conditions:

  • Registration for workshop must be made at least 1 week before date of visit
  • Cancellations and changes to registration must be made 1 week before date of visit.
  • Payment of workshop will be made upon arrival, in cash
  • Minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 10 participants per workshop
  • Workshop charges are inclusive of materials
  • Please arrive 15-mins before workshop time and register at the Gallery Reception
  • Workshop schedules are subject to changes
  • For further enquiries on workshops, please email [email protected]