Coffee and Conversations with Aaron Curry

“Curry’s paintings exist in the realm of the future as imagined in the 1980s—with impressions of spray paint, graffiti and neon signs. They hang suspended like jagged portals, and curiously give the impression that one is looking through the picture plane into the abyss contained within them.” – Artillery Mag

“It is a curious Oedipal drama that Mr. Curry stages. Wielding postmodernist insouciance as a club, he seems intent on overthrowing the fathers of Modernist sculpture and having their primordial muse for himself.” -New York Times

Critically acclaimed Los Angeles-based artist Aaron Curry shared his art practice and key works with us. Constantly incorporating qualities of one medium into the other, his works challenge the divisions that isolate one medium from another to reveal a richness in the middle ground. His signature totemic sculptures resemble sculptural collages of flat, organically cut shapes. They possess a distinctive 2-dimensional quality and reference a wide range of artistic styles; from the bright colours of Pop and the distorted planes of Cubism, to the biomorphism of Surrealism, they display a bold and intensely saturated visual language that is distinctively his own.


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