Circuitry Drawing with Zul Mahmod

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Explore the marvels of sound art in this class led by artist Zul Mahmod. Across three lessons, participants will discover the medium of sound art, be introduced to electronic circuits, practice basic soldering skills and use line drawings to produce sound pieces from electronic components.

In the first session, you will be introduced to basic electronic circuits, such as integrated circuit, resistors, capacitors and light sensors. You will also learn basic soldering skills, begin your very own circuit drawing and start tracing it with metal wires.

Resuming the progress from the first lesson, you will continue to develop your circuit drawing. Receive close guidance from the artist himself, and learn how to creatively facilitate relationships between sonic, visual and tactile elements.

In the final lesson, you will refine and finalise your circuit drawing. Join the artist in an exciting evaluation session, as all participants gather to share their drawings with each other and here the artist’s insights on his practice.