Arty Afternoon: Weekend Edition

We hear you! For this month’s Arty Afternoon, we are excited to hold it on both Saturday, 25 May and Sunday, 26 May. Spend your weekend visiting the gallery with our new exhibition, Manuel Ocampo: Ideological Mash-Up/Remix, get inspired to create your very own artwork, and enjoy an ethnic dance performance by The Choreo Ethnic Tribal Group.


Construct your own visual narrative through the method of collaging, and add exciting layers of drawing and screenprinting to it! After trying your hand at collaging and printing, end off your creative session by penning a personal message on the back of your artwork. Send on this lovely postcard to your family and friends, or keep it as a decorative piece to liven up a corner of your home.


The Philippine’s National Heritage Month in May recognises the need to create consciousness, respect and love for the legacies of Filipino cultural history. The Filipino dance group will be performing the Tiboli Ethnic Dance and Kappa Malong Dance. Ancient in origin but contemporaneous ethnic dance lives on in the Philippines, the foundation of ethnic dance imitates nature and life, while at the social core, it includes performative rituals that sustains or converges several ethnolinguistic groups. The Choreo Ethnic Tribe Dance group’s cohesive and spirited performances use song and dance as social expression to represent the strong ethnic filipino culture.


The T’boli people are one of the indigenous people of South Cotabato in Souther Mindanao. “Kahimanawari” is based on an old tagalog word, which means “God’s will be done,” also “God willing”. The central instrument is the kuglong, a two-string lute from Hindu-Arabic Mindanao. The Kappa Malong dance originates from the Maranao tribes of Mindanao in the Philippines. The dance centres around the versatility of wearing a Malong, a simple tubular yet highly functional piece of cloth. The Malong is worn women as a shawl, a mantle or a head piece.


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