Arty Afternoon: Storytelling and Puppet-Making Workshop: Sang Kancil, the Clever Mousedeer

Storytelling Session | 10.30am & 1.30pm

Workshop | 11am – 4pm (Last Registration at 3.30pm)

Meet Sang Kancil, the clever mousedeer, and join him in a series of thrilling adventures through a storytelling session followed by puppet making workshop!

Come by our special storytelling session and be introduced to this popular traditional Indonesian fable. Learn how our little friend triumphs over other fierce and ruthless animals like Sang Buaya, the crocodile and Sang Harimau, the tiger. Unleash your inner creativity through our puppet making workshop! Drawing inspiration from the traditional Indonesian “Wayang Kulit” craft, participants are invited to make their own shadow puppet theatre with lino printing techniques. Mark the dates down on your calendar and drop by to create your own version of this legend!