Artist Talk: Dinh Q. Lê

Artist Dinh Q. Lê provided valuable insights into his artistic process and the works that he developed at STPI for “Monuments and Memorials”, including the inception of the Splendor & Darkness series, which first began in 1998.

“It all started with my first visit to my hometown Ha-Tien on my first trip back to Vietnam more than twenty years ago. The town is situated right on the border between Vietnam and Cambodia. That visit brought back horrific memories of the invasion of my hometown by the Khmer Rouge when I was a child, and it led me to visit Cambodia subsequently over a period of ten years to learn its history and the Khmer Rouge. I was trying to make some sense of it all. Cambodia: Splendor & Darkness (1998) thus came about as one of a few series that deals with the recent and past history of Cambodia.”


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