Artist Panel: Blind Collectives & Exquisite Collaborations

“Social interactions and the potential of art to stir exchanges have always been a driving force in his practice, likewise in the work of Carsten, Tobias, and Anri. But what such works instigate is also a reflection on the artistic process and how it “happens” in its encounter with the viewer.” – Ute Meta Bauer & Anca Rujoiu, From ‘Exquisite Corpse to Exquisite Truth. Life Happens and We are Part of its Happening’.


Join our distinguished panel: STPI Chief Printer Eitaro Ogawa and Artists Tobias Rehberger & Rirkrit Tiravanija, in conversation about the collaborative project as well as the notion of collaborations itself. Moderated by Mark Rappolt (Editor-in-chief, ArtReview)