Art Week Brunch: Art and Economics – Projecting the Future Value of Art



Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan, Artists
Magnus Renfrew, Founder, ARTHQ; Co-Founder, Taipei Dangdai
Jasdeep Sandhu, Director, Gajah Gallery
Jasmine Yan, Regional Business Development Director, Phillips Hong Kong

Moderated by:
Ning Chong, Co-Founder, The Culture Story


This session hopes to distill notions of ownership, marketing, and collecting strategies both today and in the future. The areas of discussion include thoughts and challenges on the current primary market; views on marketing tactics on the secondary market; collecting with respect of connoisseurship vs. focusing on art as investment through market observation; the rise of Asia as an engine of growth of the art market; and discussing on the social and cultural value of art, beyond its monetary value.


Read the transcript of the panel talk here.