Virginie Labbe on the Daydream Series by George Wong Yung Choon

“Having spent the last few weeks supervising my young daughter’s online school assignments, George Wong Yung Choon’s humorous prints caught my eye right away.”

Virginie Labbe, FOM Docent for STPI

Anyone with a child in a local school is intimately familiar with these math papers – copies of past year exam papers from a collection of top schools, sold cheaply in little neighbourhood kiosks. The ink is lightly smudged around letters and numbers, pages are splattered with small specks of photocopier ink, sometimes the text is off centre – all pointing towards mass reproduction. Practice makes perfect. The child is expected to sit still for an hour and a half working through math problems where marbles and cakes are endlessly sold in fractions, repackaged by color and distributed. But like daydreams, the crisp playful letterpress text in this series – affixed in large grey capital characters – intrude into the maths drills, whilst the pressure applied to create the relief may be reminiscent of the pressure extant in the education system. Can two competing ideals coexist, I wonder?

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