Roopa Dewan on “Harvesting the Plasma of Fear” by Agung Prabowo

Ode to Fear
by Roopa Dewan, FOM Docent for STPI

One strange wind
blew this winter,
this virus, from Wuhan

leaving my throat dry,
my gut raw,
metal in my mouth,
Bereft of touch.

It choked life,
second by second,
minute by minute.

In sixty tessellations
It found
A melting sun,
in psychedelic colors
Searing my body,
Tearing my mind to pieces.

Birds, turtles, fish, insects, thrive.
While Humans sit, stand, crouch or die.
Trees spread their naked arms,
Time stands still, and
The miasma of Fear
covers all mankind.

Fear, you willed me into
an embryonic embrace.
Time hangs,
By turns solid, liquid, gas,
But mostly in a thick
plasma in space.

I will cage you FEAR,
in a golden cage,
Drop by drop,
Tear by tear,
Stare by stare,
till you vanish
from our life.

Anchored to love,
Our hopes will decimate
The Plasma of FEAR.

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