Erika Cisneros on “Harvesting the Plasma of Fear” by Agung Prabowo

“This is a type of artwork that enables you, upon each encounter, to discover something new.”

Erika Cisneros, FOM Docent for STPI

First of all, one has to admire it from far away to absorb the use of colors and the amount of movement all these little drawings provoke. Once you have a general view, your eye will focus on the center circle that is the only element with a solid color and a respectable size. This is where we can start noticing the the smaller narratives each piece has to offer.

Agung Prabowo’s recurrent motif is the use of psychoanalytic elements; in this work in particular, it is a reminder to remain resilient in moments of fear.

Having “fear’ as the main topic, the drawings can express strong feelings towards our current situation,(I instantly related it with the covid pandemic) but the use of interlacing bright colors, along with the background in blue and white, provides a playful joy that can balance our train of thought. I was in the middle of it when I realized that my mind related the artwork with a big aquarium: all these feelings are swimming in his mind, chaotic and organized at the same time, and that was where I understood the intention of the artist. No matter how fearful your thoughts are, we have a coping mechanism; hope. And the more you embrace it, the better and more positive you will feel. If we keep our view on the center, there is a person embracing himself below the golden circle.

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