Erika Cisneros on “Frequencies 1 Series 2” by Zaki Zulfakar

“From the first time I saw this series of artworks I felt a personal attraction; in retrospect, I guess it was for the use of bright colors, how they are interlaced between reds and blues and the occasional purple (which is the combination of the first two).”

Erika Cisneros, FOM Docent for STPI

It got me thinking about the movement of the lines, more like waves and the fluidity between them. How they produce a sense of constancy at the same time. Looking at them closer, these waves are denser in some parts creating somehow a chaos whereas in others, they are more sparse, all of them having a sense of movement.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features about these pieces besides the general movement, is the use of texture defined by the printing technique called collagraph: it creates a tactile sensation, providing an extra dimension to the surface.

As Mr. Zulfakar represents in these pieces his own interpretation of emotions, backed up by color to portray a certain level of temperature, being an art teacher himself, I might guess his purpose is for every person to relate it to their own experience.

As for my personal interpretation, these waves are not only emotions but words as well. I can imagine a controversial discussion between a group of people with a lot of opinions.

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