Elissa Viornery on works by Sarah Crane

Stages of Life
by Elissa Viornery, FOM Docent for STPI


Full pear-shaped youth
Curved in question marks
Gazing through the Looking Glass.
What to make of life?
And what life to make?
To look forward or in reverse?

The girl’s head tilted in indecision.
Yet her right arm, a pillar
Straight and unwavering
Down through to her long fingers
Digging into the carpet
Grounding her presence,
Stabilizing her structure,
Taking root.

Are her fingers clutching the comfort of home?
Holding back from the unknown?

Her head remains angled
Toward the beckoning mirror
In a tentative exploration of
A world of opportunity.
Yet, her heart hovers on a threshold,
A bewildering seesaw between
Self-Denial and Permission to Become.

That In Between Time

Chin and elbows angular and middle-aged.
That in between time of a lone woman
Wearing outdated checkered pants as
She leans on a pillow of floral appliqué
In between styles.
And gazes at the delicate spring blossoms and
Old insect ridden trees
In between nature’s cycle of regeneration and decay.

Curving whitewashed walls, it seems, or
Tombstones lightly etched with olive trees
Appear to frame the woman.
She’s caught at half time,
Looking back at her faded youth and
Looking forward to what remains
Before the walls are engraved
Forevermore, in between the trees, with her name.


Life’s Renewal

Life’s energy renews itself,
Flowers fade, insects feast.
The sheer uneasy intimacy of it all.

One heavy foot, its weight
Firmly on the ground
Trying to halt the inevitable decline.

A head crowned by
A daisy-like mop of hair,
And coddled by strong arms
And thick strands of fingers,
Appears to weep over
The pure vanity of it all.

Her face hidden on the bench
while its legs reach out,
In one last futile attempt,
To exit the Canvas of
Life’s Constant Unravelling.

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