Elissa Viornery on “Frequencies 1 Series 2” by Zaki Zulfakar

Enabling Constraints
by Elissa Viornery, FOM Docent for STPI

Constraints weave trampolines from which the spirit may bounce to new heights.

So too, the moon’s metronome regulates the incessant ebb and flow of the tides.
From this woven thread of rhythm, ocean waves may rise to tsunami proportions.

So too, the discarded cardboard and glue collected by the artist determines
the form, size, and texture of his plates. These “enabling constraints”,
as Zaki Zulfakar calls them, become the artist’s springboard to creativity.

Through the molding and deep etching of the plates, the artist’s seismic images
begin to emerge until they unfurl in a surge of emotion onto paper in a series of prints.

Lines ripple and billow, then swell in a torrent of shifting color and mood.
Muted or impassioned. A constant flux within a set structure.

The artist’s soft blues and greens roll in a lulling sway of tranquility.
In another print, a swirl of bright pink expands into roaring red waves
beneath a whirlwind punctured by patches of electric blue
like rising anger ruptured only through its explosion.

Zaki’s undulating ribbons of green flow through changing depths of aqua, mauve, and blue,
mirroring the range of feelings we may drift through in a single day of confinement.
Yet in another, swirls of imagined sea spirits seem to float and frolic in the waves, overshadowed perhaps by a rippling rust blood sky or the fluctuating forms of the earth’s rocky hills. The interstices between earth, sea and sky darkened by a web of constraints and desires.

“And in me too the wave rises” (wrote Virginia Woolf in her novel, “The Waves”). “It swells;
it arches its back. I am aware once more of a new desire, something rising beneath me…”

So too moves the spirit, rising and falling on the springboard of the heavens’ perceived rhythm, and to the bounce of the waves on life’s trampolines heightened by constraints.

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