Angie Ng on the Window Series by Joseph Chiang

“Windows, especially when open as these are, have always provided glimpses into the private lives of others in their homes. Now, during the coronavirus lockdown, more than ever, this is true all around the world. Inversely, for the inhabitants, windows have become the only physical portals to the external world when one cannot journey beyond (for the time being).”

Angie Ng, FOM Docent for STPI

In Istanbul, a woman lowers a basket from her window to buy bread from the bakery below.

In Paris, two women have a socially distant cup of coffee from their adjacent windows.

In Rome, a grandma wearing a mask decorated in the colors of the Italian flag peers out of her window to a juggler performing across the courtyard.

A violinist in Lisbon plays music from her window for her neighbours.

A lady sunbathes from her window in an English seaside town above a fish and chips restaurant.

In the Philippines, an old man waits by his window for a priest to give blessings on Good Friday.

In Palestine, a young girl shows off a package of reading material and art supplies that volunteers distributed for children in isolation.

And across the world, including Singapore, people take the time to thank healthcare workers by clapping from their balconies and windows in unison. Others put up signs of encouragement in their windows, including the message “hope” written beneath rainbows.

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