Alka Kapoor on “Storms make trees take deeper roots” by Kavita Issar Batra

“The dead leaves their rich mosaics
Of olive and gold and brown
Had laid on the rain-wet pavements,
Through all the embowered town”

Samuel Longfellow

This beautiful work is part of Kavita’s Pavement Poetry series which she has done as homage to Singapore and the region which has been her home for over a decade.

Her work draws inspiration from the fallen and downtrodden flowers, leaves, seedpods and stems and the imprints they leave on the pavement. Each of them tell a story, the story of their struggle against the storms they face in life and their subsequent transformation as they fall on the ground. Kavita brings these natural objects back to the studio. These transformed leaves, flowers and stems and their imprints, then become a starting point for her artwork.

When Kavita started this Artwork, she was listening to a talk on the disappearing world of Emperor Penguins and she realised that some of the imprints resemble a Penguin. Imprints coupled with Sumi-e ink gestural strokes then go on to create an idyllic world for the Penguins!

This visually stunning artwork from Kavita’s is like a botanical poem, whereby you are absorbed into a world where there is a more harmonious relationship between humans and the natural world.

Alka Kapoor, FOM Docent for STPI

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