Points of View | Interior Insights with Rose Anne de Pampelonne

Dear Valued Clients,

STPI is pleased to present an exclusive digital service, Points of View,  where artworks created at STPI are virtually superimposed onto the surfaces of your homes, offices and studio spaces to offer you a deeper consideration of potential artwork purchases. We invited the highly sought-after interior designer and art collector, Rose Anne de Pampelonne, to share her views on art, design, and the home.

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Design Values

From Left to Right: works by Gregor Hildebrandt, Arturo Luz, Maya Munoz and Tadashi Kawamata. Image courtesy of Rose Anne de Pampelonne.

What are the design values and philosophy that you hold dear?

Considering the flow of the predisposed space in respect to its volume, form and light. A well-designed room should be one that allows the eye not to settle on one feature, but roam and wander in discovery – where one encounters elements of colour, line and texture, adapted efficiently to elevate proportion.

It should create a balance and unity of differing elements and patterns within an overall striking composition. I see it exalting craftsmanship, celebrating quality and disclosing an attention to detail and finish; respecting tradition for its timeless design and function, as well as rejoicing at the innovation of the new; including spontaneous errors as a welcome counterpoint to overthought editing, as interior design is subjective to one’s spatial context – it is an expression of our image in private, and publicly to others. It is a unique reflection of the owner, hence authenticity and uniqueness are essential. A crucial design value is to also have the guts to let your gut instinct express itself freely outside its usual surroundings.


Yeoh Choo Kuan. Image courtesy of Rose Anne de Pampelonne.

How does art enhance our home?

Art is an essential component as it is a primary expression of this subjectivity – a starting point to express your aesthetic soul, intellectual creativity and life philosophy. It can be represented as a collection; it can chronicle culture and history, it can inspire collaborations. Art introduces a myriad of details, whether through tactility, texture, scale, colour or its message and narrative. Decorative arts, be they carvings, silver, glass, stone or porcelain, apply aesthetics to function in order to create a beautiful surrounding. Both go hand in hand with artistic expression, and good design incorporates art. Art is the red thread connecting the story a home tells.

New Corners

Have you discovered new corners in your home during the lockdown?

The lockdown forcefully provoked a reaction of vulnerability and in many instances developed stress, anxiety for the present and future, and overall irritability. On the other spectrum, it instilled awareness responsibility and gratitude, and encouraged communication. In my case, it inspired an appreciation of tranquility and there was no better place for this than the garden. The attention to planting and propagating seedlings requires a certain degree of freedom and spare time, to participate in the silent, constant regeneration of their vegetative lives.

Works at Home

Xiangzhi Pillar Rug. Image courtesy of Rose Anne de Pampelonne.

What are the works in your home you’ve been looking closer at and pondering over more during this time of chaos and uncertainty?

None really, as I have been looking closer at nature. However, the Ningxia pillar rug on a wall behind my computer – with its scrolling dragon, surrounded by clouds and rising above a wave – has brought me back to the four truths that Buddha meditated on, and the Middle Way as a means of enlightenment.

Words of Advice

What advice would you give first-time art collectors?

It depends on what type of art collectors, as there are different reasons people collect and this influences the manner with which they view art. Nevertheless, trust and listen to your instincts as that allows you to enjoy your passion for art. Conduct your research on artworks, so it is an informed decision. Immerse yourself to read and see as much as possible, be it at museums, galleries, art fairs or auctions. Be bold but discerning so you buy what you cannot live without. As they say – buy with your heart, but use your head. As your tastes may and will change, shelve it and revisit in a few years if you have fallen in love with the art piece again; if not, learn to let it go as art is too important not to share around.